Venus As A Boy

11 - 23 - 19

Venus as a Boy - Björk

A direct line to my earliest memories of driving. Up until recently I had never questioned the meaning of the phrase ‘Venus as a boy’ used in the chorus.

He believes in beauty, he's Venus as a boy

Written about a ‘specific person’ according to Björk the phrase is described to talk of someone who sees beauty in the everyday.

‘beauty as a point of view, not superficial beauty but the beauty in the act of brushing ones teeth, the beauty of waking up in the right beat’

Similarly I find aesthetic beauty in everyday objects that signify this beauty through point of view, the point of view of a discarded brick, a tear of bin-liner that form sculptural forms.

Conversely, I recognise that the beauty I recognise in these items is, to all intents and purposes, a physical on; the folds and refractions of light through a bin-liner for example. However relating back to the phrase ‘Venus as a boy’ - the perception of beauty experienced when using these items in a manner that is not their conventional use, allows me to experience this form of situational beauty.