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Thamesmead/Misfits Day Trip

05 - 17 - 20

This is my longest cycle to date totalling at 54km (27 there and back).

This trip was partly influenced by a lot of old tv shows I used to watch in my early teenage years. I had begun watching the 2009 C4 show Misfits during this part of quarantine and was craving to explore the area of the estate the show was filmed around and potentially get a matching shot from a still of the show as a momento.

My route went via Clapham, then going east at Kennington Park. From there I passed Camberwell and Goldsmiths University. Passed North Greenwich continuing along the Thames bank, following along the Thames, through Woolwich and finally to Thamesmead Penton House, the filming location of Misfits.

I went around the surrounding neighbourhood and snapped pictures of places that looked like areas of Chernobyl in some cases. Many of the estates were abandoned and boarded up, some under surveillance.

Such a euphoric feeling to be able to explore these areas and tread the same ground the show was filmed on. Unfortunately I was unable to get access to the main building from which the show is mainly set, as it was protected from all sides by orange cladding :/ .

The trip was also a continued exploration of my first cycle along my old childhood cycle route; instead of following in my own footsteaps, the aim of this cycle was to explore the trace of another persons hand, or camera.

I cycled the way back in the dark. Good day. I got the matching shot too!

Total Distance: 54km

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