PPD: Penultimatum

03 - 06 - 20

For our final year March show we presented as a collective BA Painting year at the Copeland Gallery in Peckham. Titled 'Penultimatum' running from Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th.

This was essential PPD experience in many ways, primarily the experience of a full show from setup to close down. Alongside this, talking to members of the public about my work was something I very rarely do, even to my own family and friends so that was enjoyable and helped my form and articulate my artworks themes and the intention behind it.

[All photographs from Penultimatum here are taken by Yulin Huang - IG: @prettybloodart]

  • Setup from Wednesday 18th to Friday 6th afternoon.

Artwork shown left to right, Sarah Nahas (IG: @sarahnahas), Zeena Al Tai (IG: @xyzeena), Anna Blom (IG: @annabloominghell) and Lauren Buckland (IG: @laurenmaybuckland)

  • Friday 6th of March evening for the private view from 6:30 - 9:30

Overall a successful show, considering the spacing around my works was also key experience gained from the Penultimatum show, for my work Freyed for example (see 2019-2020) that I brought for the show we needed a lot more room around the piece than initially planned, initially 2/3 feet was needed we thought - it ended up being almost double that before it got close to allowing the work to breath.

[All photographs from Penultimatum here are taken by Yulin Huang - IG: @prettybloodart]

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