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Marginalia Workshop, Life and Death

01 - 13 - 20

Unfortunately after having to leave a lot of resources at university due to quarantine circumstances, I am unable to recover my notes from this trip however I do have some photos!

Life and Death, British Museum

After finishing this workshop I stumbled across another show at the British Museum titled: 'Living and Dying'. This show can be seen with the images attached, to explore the harsh realities of life and death.

Coping strategies seem to also be a topic of discussion at this show with the central installation by Pharmacopoeia, entiled Cradle to Grave, painting a stark and bleak picture of NHS Britian and our cyclical dependence on prescriptions. Other displays investigate the reliance people place between one another in a relationship.

This shows regard for medicine and its history as a crutch for modern day to day living is an opinion I personally hold, tending to only use medicine when wholly necessary and not just as a suppressant.

Mortality as a theme has been developed in both my 2nd and 3rd year work, however where this shows mortality is of the human body, mine is more concerned with the mortality of the impact our lives trace onto our surroundings, how long can someone have moved out of a house to feel their happiness or sadness.

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