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Day 1: In The Studio

10 - 2 - 19

Setting up my studio

I began to gather together used and previous old works that would be repurposed into my works for the year, some MDF panels 10 feet tall, reams of bin-liners, half dried modelling clay and black and white primer also. The main addition to the studio space however was the vintage 2001 Acer computer (see practice).

Opening Thoughts

Coming from my second year of studio works that I felt far more successful when compared to my 1st years progress. I aimed to enter my final year with focus towards scaling my work further (see 2020 Portfolio) and increasing the sizes of my works to collosal towering works, the materials gathered initially were a big push in this direction. I also aimed to hone and perfect the subject matter within my artworks, pushing towards an even more minimalistic figurative style, in comparison to the more rigid harsh lines of my 2018-2019 work.

With that said I also began considering the move towards a less defined and more sculptural approach to my canvas', also with an emphasis on the industrial materials touched on with my brick work in 2019.

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