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Long Cycle

04 - 14 - 20

My limit of one form of exercise per day forced me to bend the rules by staying on day-long cycles at points. This is documentation of one of these and the sights and inspirations I found around me.

Cycling from my house in Southfields, I cycled north into Wandsworth centre, through there to the cycle path by the river Wandle.

I took up cycling again during quarantine after around 7 years of not touching a bike. And this route was a route I took as a child.

I thought of the statement it made, cycling a route I had once cycled almost 20 years ago as a small kid. A repeated mark, a repeated trace.

These markings in the Thames reminded me of the shapes in the bath (see bath bomb blog)

I cycled up to elephant and castle and rested by the roundabout with a snack.

On my way back I came across this mangled pile of black plastic, it appeared to have spilt over the pavement. As I got closer I could see it was a public bin that had burned from the inside out.

The strands, almost like bones crunch as I break some off and put them into a carrier bag. Other strands are more like spun sugar, so delicate and spindly.

Final forms, remains of animal and scratched paint on a wall.

As a result of gathering these strips of burnt plastic i created a birthday present sculpture for my partner, connecting the pieces involved plenty of broken lighters, burnt fingers and plastic fumes, a labour of love so to speak.

Total Distance: 24km

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