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Two Weeks in the Folding Room

12 - 19 - 19 to 01 - 07 - 20

The initial spark for this trip to the Folding Room came from the finding of this wrapped palette on Wimbledon Chase high street.

This blog documents the 2 weeks spent, partly during the holidays, working and completing 4 pieces:

  • Freyed

  • Sealed

  • Draff

  • Blue Piece, Unamed - Missing photos due to quarantine

See results at the end!

Gathering together the series of panels salvaged from my initial dumpster dive on Day 1, alongside my already half made work that would become Freyed (see 2019-2020


You can also see here in this image the MDF board that was used to create Sealed, 2020 (see 2019 - 2020 portfolio).

Here is also documented the only photos I have (all taken when unfinished) of a piece painted primarily with an industrial blue paint I found by the railway.

Here is documented the creation of Sealed, 2020 (see 2019-2020 portfolio and below).

Remains of material used for T00 and T01 (link to other sketch’s page).

After 2 weeks situated in the folding room I had created 4 works. Finishing Freyed was the biggest accomplishment of the entire time spent there as I felt the form of the work to be the most successful taking the vision I had initial of creating more 3 dimensional, industrial canvas works. With regards to Sealed I also felt progress was made with creating a more amorphous form to the figures I began creating in my second year.

However in many ways I found after these two weeks I had moved away from the stricter figurative work of my previous year and even from my 3rd year work Up There , created only a month or so before.

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