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Creation of Up There, 2019

11 - 17 - 19

Having salvaged this large piece of mdf board from a bin area local to my campus I proceeded to clean the strips of paper stuck to the front of the canvas off. Using water and an ice scraper I got rid of it in no time!

The finished work titled Up There, 2019 - with Ania beside for scale.

To date, standing at over 9 feet tall, this is the largest work I have undertaken to date. I found scaling up to be only as stress inducing as the feeling before making the first mark on it with chalk. From here going forward i was commited to creating larger scale works in earnest, with previous anxieties surrounding such large canvases to have fallen to the wayside.

Here is a brief time lapse of the initial sketch work that makes up much of the finished work. (Below).

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