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Artist Study: Henry Moore

04 - 29 - 20

On recommendation from Tutor Tom I began to research the work on Henry Moore, more specifically his sketching style. I believe Tom felt I would have been drawn to Moore’s industrial material based sculptures however it were his sketches that particularly struck me:

I do appreciate his physical sculptures too, however personally Moore’s sketch work comes across almost automatic in its free flowing form. After a miniature study of ‘Composition’ and ‘Girl’ I experienced the friction of trying to stay true to the artist sketch whilst also keeping my hand free in the manner the original was created in.

(Below left):

Detail studies of Henry Moore, CH, 'Girl' 1931. The free flow form of Henry Moore's sculpture sketches I use to help my mark making flow in a more natural manner.

(Above right): Henry Moore OM, 'Composition', 1932.

Taken from the private collection of the Henry Moore Foundation.

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